The Eden Project trip

Upon initially being informed of our going to the eden project- my hesitance was due to the doubt of the theme of the trip relating to work that I’m interested in. The style of work that I particularly relate to in largely structural and architectural which is of a significant contrast to the naturalistic and non- linear style of the Eden Project itself.

Prior to this trip, my artistic excursions have been more based around city experiences and people’s interactions- whereas visiting the Eden project allowed me to extend my contextual awareness into the non-manufactured side of creative practice. Although I have been able to conclude that designs and creations based around the plants that I was exposed to is not my preferred style- I was still able to relate to the architecture and natural forms which I witnessed whilst at the Eden project. An example of this was an observations sketch I did of a patch of daisies. Despite initial assumption that each flower shares significant similarities, upon further study I became aware of the fine tuned details which distinguish each flower apart- something which I also seek to notice in complex architectural structures. Here, a relationship between my previous interest in architecture was pared with the natural forms that were being observed on the trip.

These sketches show the transition between my architectural awareness which transitions to a clearer understanding of natural form.


In this photograph that I took, the relationship between manmade and natural structure is evident- highlighted by the methodical pattern being broken by the scattered leaves.


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