Charlestown Harbour- Land art brief

When given the brief to create a form of land art whilst at Charlestown Harbour, the question of the limitations of classing something as ‘land art’ arose. The brief was as broad as one made it with the land itself being anything on the beach. An abstract approach was largely adopted by all the groups involved, a technique which I feel was helpful in a group project where there are many differing opinions.

The land art itself was made with no finished product in sight. Instead, through looking for object and shapes around the beach, a sculpture began to be created. My group chose to build the art onto the side of a slate cliff- already giving texture and form to the sculpture. From this, object such as plants and litter were built onto in order to create the finished sculpture.

From doing this brief, I developed an awareness for the possibilities for using individual objects for artistic creations which would otherwise not be considered a piece of artistic potential e.g. old bottle tops and dried seaweed. The contrast in contextual creation and aesthetic form of these objects developed a very different sculpture than anything i’ve made in the past.

In reflection, I have learnt that putting one’s own take on a brief in order to make it more personal and fulfills the brief to my own potential, I have to first step back and consider the possibilities of the subject at hand and seek a new way of approaching it. This will be put into practice in the following projects on the course such as the VisCom project which will similarly be testing my imagination and creative understanding by doing a style of art that I have never done before.


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