VisCom Project brief

For the first project, the brief is to design 4 postcards and a promotional piece for a given location. We were given the brief before being given our location and shown the different styles and techniques which we could explore in the project.

We were shown previous student’s work along with existing artist’s styles of working. By doing this, it enabled me to understanding the intention of the project whilst inspiring me as to where to move with the project.

My initial interest was in the typography section of the brief as this is a style of art that I have never experimented with before. Karl gave us a demonstration on how to use Letraset which I found very effective in creating a crisp effect whilst not using any for of digital technology. Another technique which was suggested for us to experiment with is using a typewriter. This is something which I feel could be similarly effective in creating an image by purely using letters and no natural shapes.

From this brief I have been informed of techniques which will aid me to make a project  which is unlike any style work that I have done before. In reflection, I am aware of the pace in which I must work in order to keep up to date with the project and do it to the best of my ability.


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