Idea development for given location (VisCom)

The postcard that I was given for the VisCom project is of a southern spanish town called Ronda. On initial assignment, I wasn’t happy with this location as I was hoping for one with a specific cliche to it (e.g. a cold, rainy English town). However, I was happy with the postcard due to the writing on the back which gave an interesting insight into one’s interoperation of the town and what was of interest in it. Immediately upon reading the postcard, this inspired me to experiment with different forms of typography by quoting the writer of the postcard.

As Ronda is in Spain, I intend to follow a theme of the Spanish flag for at least 1 of the postcards however, I don’t want this to apply to all of them as I’d like to explore further themes and break away from the stereotypes for the location.

From research that I have done into Ronda, I learnt that the main attraction is a large bridge which connects the town over a large rocky area. From reviews that I have read about visits to the town, it appears to be largely picturesque but lacking in excitement or ‘buzz’. This is something that I plan on using to my advantage when designing the postcards by giving a suggestion of cynicism and sarcasm to the statements presented throughout the designs.

file_000Through this experimental board that I have created, It is made clear the various themes which I am planning on further researching. As this is a visual communication theme, it feels necessary to portray the images intended more obviously and reduce the conceptual aspect of the designs as ‘communication through the visual’ is the intension of the project.

From this primary source research into the project- I will next look into existing artist’s work and it’s influence on visual communication in order to apply it to my own work.

Plan: Research existing artists (Spanish artists in order to achieve theme of location) & (Artists using typography as an artistic technique)



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