Paul Rand-Artist research (VisCom)


By starting this VisCom project, I have gained an interest into using typography as an effective stylistic approach to mark making and overall designs. I feel that this is due to it significantly contrasting the looser style of work that I often have done- a neatness is gained from using typographic techniques.

I have an interest in the use of language within art and how a message can get across to the observer through both words and imagery. This interest is what lead me to research existing artists within the style of typography in order to further my understanding into this theme of artistic creation. rre14

These colourful images, created by Paul Rand are of interest to me as they are styles which I would not have considered when exploring the use of typography. By putting text onto a black background, it changes the density of the image by removing the empty space created with the forming of letters.

This piece is of particular interest to me as it follows a recognised theme of the ‘ebay’ logo but alters what is already known by removing the line of the text and leaving only block colour.

The effectiveness of text and typography in image creation is made evident here in the simplistic message of ‘type talks’ which expresses a motion, possibly symbolic of a conversation. The neighbouring image of the fish with no lettering has a significant emptiness and quietness, juxtaposing the infinite theme of the sound and possibilities of a conversation.

By doing research into an artist who specialises in a theme which I do not feel as confident in but am seeking to gain further knowledge of, I have been inspired to use the learnt techniques in my own work whilst partnering them with my own style in order to create effective designs for this VisCom project.


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