Critical Review reflection (VisCom)

In the review on our postcard project with Karl today, I was able to see the work that other people in my group had done and share feedback between each other in order to gain further understanding of my own project and the direction I want to go with it.

Some other students had presented their work largely in a sketchbook format which was different from the visual boards that I had created however, each style showed the thought processes behind the images being portrayed. One student used a style of Letraset which gave specific words more significance my doing them in a different colour. This is a style that I would like to further experiment with in order to continue the satirical nature that I am aiming to direct this project towards. This technique will add further effect to the use of typography as well as giving a clear significance to the words emphasised.

Another aspect of my work that was highlighted in the review was the use of masking tape as a form of surface to work on. Whilst doing this project, I have discovered the vast uses for masking tape, both for adhering the designs to the paper and acting as a base to be worked onto of. The layering that is possible with the semi-translucent tape creates an interesting surface to add lettering onto in order to reduce the flatness of the image (Something which has appeared to be a risk with the ‘text only’ postcard”.

I found that I was studying Ronda on a large scale and attempting to give significance to the place as whole, however, after the review I am aware that specific aspects can be highlighted. From this, the accessibility of ideas is greater as it is more focussed and less concerned with unnecessary parts of the location which are not of interest to me.

In reflexion, I feel I am working at a confident pace with the project but must maintain the pace in order to complete the postcards in time before the next project begins. A more definitive and decisive attitude is something that I should consider adopting in order to achieve this goal of staying up to date with each project brief in order to prevent them overlapping.



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