Final Reflection on 1st project (VisCom)

After completing the project, I feel I have both succeeded and failed to reach my intentions for my progress within the brief. Upon completion of the postcards, I am happy with the finished results and the style which they have been done in however, the background research appears more limited than intended.

I feel this is due to my adjusting to the pace of the projects and what is required within each one in order to effectively produce the images with sufficient supporting information. For example, I enjoyed using the metallic letterpress typography on my postcards however, feel I have inadequately researched this styling process as I have not yet found an artist who uses a similar style.

The biggest success of this project was the use of maps in order to portray the underlying location of the place that I was assigned. I feel that this, more intricate design, was complimentary to the minimal nature of the other design that I did.


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