Surrealism through collage brief (Fine Art)

Initially, I am very excited for this project as it appears to have a significant amount of flexibility for me to explore the pathway and what can be done within the brief. For this, I will research into existing artists who’s style of abstraction is of interest to me. I am already intrigued by the concept of abstraction of images whereby an image is altered in order to distort its original presentation.

By doing this project, I hope to gain an insight into whether I would like to further study fine art as a pathway or if i would prefer to change to a different pathway which is more specialised to a more guided way of working. The conceptual nature of studying fine art with abstraction and collage will hopefully help me ascertain a variety within my portfolio and a different awareness of detail and how it can be presented in a series of collages.

What I feel may be difficult within the project is collaborating existing artist’s work with my own whilst appropriating and abstracting the image in a new and creative way. This is something which will come of more ease to me as further research and experimentation into the project is underway.



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