Artist Research (Fine Art)

Gustavo Rocha

This artist’s technique is interesting as it is given a border of the separated shapes. This is something that i’d like to recreate in my own work by using thin strips of masking tape to extend the image to the edges of the white space of the page.

Kurt Schwitters

The patchwork nature of this style of collaging is similar to that of Valerie Koshlyakov’s- an artist who’s use of found materials is of specific interest to me. In the image on the right, the concealing of the subject’s face is a technique which i’d like to experiment with in my own work as the loss of identity is a concept which can be further abstracted.

Neo Rauch

The multi-tonal style of these surrealism images feature contrasting images which give a social commentary of the artist’s outlook onto a creative image. The use of contrasting tone with realistic and surrealistic imagery further abstracts the view by moving the eye around the page in an irregular way.

Tobias Lehner

The most surreal of the artists that I have researched, Lehner uses multiple forms of media to create surrealist based images. Here, the use of colour is less effective as the significance of pattern and texture portrayed through the collages. Here, I am inspired to use experimental media such as oil paint and ink to abstract my images.


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