First Review Reflection (Fine Art)

In the review, Myfanwy informed us that we should not start mounting our work onto A3 sheets too soon as it may limit the size of the collages- similarly, if the collages are to be edited or altered, they would need to be presented again on board.

The underlying tone of the review was to “let go of realism” which IĀ understand as working to forget the constraints of what is real and literal and instead, focussing on how the images can be changed and altered to portray a different message. Within this, it was highlighted that we shouldn’t do something as simple as add additional aspects to a face but instead, change the dynamic of the face by abstracting it. Instead, I aim to abstract the face by cutting it, mounting it on an additional background and using masking tape to partially cover the face and change the meaning.

From the review, we have been told to create presentation boards which can then be used to help map out the construction of the surreal collages.

An artist that was given to me that should help inspire my own work is: Cornelia Parker.


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