Reflection of my success within the project (Fine Art)

What I feel went well:

  • Use of mixed media such as etching, drawing, collaging and extending images
  • Using masking tape to partially or completely conceal areas of the image to distort what the observer sees
  • Layering of images in order to gain a complexity in each collage
  • Irregular shape of the collages created resulted in a more aesthetically compelling finished presentation board which expresses the surrealism of the project through the unusual way it was presented
  • The smaller number of finished pieces gave each individual collage more significance as, despite their having common themes, none of the images were largely comparable.

What could be improved/changed:

  • Images appeared flat and still, unless enhanced with 3D aspects such as masking tape or string
  • A full image with darker tones was never achieved as each collage was done on light paper, meaning a tonal range was not presented
  • Background research felt lacking in this project for the specific techniques that I had chosen to do: e.g: other artists which use masking tape in their work.

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