Textiles Project- Initial plans (Fashion)

Research to be done:

  • Japanese fashion companies
  • mens/womenswear
  • Simple, monochrome themes- possible b&w but potentially another colour with white

Moodboard plan:

  • Feature geometrics, own photography, own drawings (primary research) and designers work
  • ^ Do all of this along to the theme of architecture and its involvement within fashion

To do in order to move at a sufficient pace within the project:

  • Take photographs that do not obviously show what the image is
  • Do a variety of drawings
  • Use a variety of materials such as thick black pen with thinner fineliner

Plan for collage:

  • Take photographs of architecture
  • Cut and reassemble in order to created abstracted images
  • Collage photographs, cut, collage again

Future plans:

With the edited images, collage onto a found figure in order to make garments out of the initial photographs.

Artists and designers to look at:

  • Gareth Pugh
  • George Braque
  • Picasso (Cubism)

Drawing styles to explore:

  • horizontal
  • 2 pens together
  • different pen thicknesses
  • ink and bleach
  • ink and wash
  • charcoal and watercolour



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