Architecture and Produce Design brief (3D)

Focus for designs:

  • Natural form
  • Organic shapes
  • fractal patterns
  • Fibonacci sequence

For the project, we were given a series of options for which project we would like to do; be it: interior architecture, architecture, jewelry or the mace project. I have chosen to do the architecture project as it is most fitting to what I plan to do in the future at university. For this, we are given the brief to design an outdoor pavilion for a local manor house. This is an exciting brief for me as it allows me to use the skills which I learnt at A Level in product design and apply them to a further artistic practice which should, hopefully, aid me in being successful in this project. I plan on using a series of digital designing programmes such as Google Sketch-Up, in order to accurately design my pavilions- before designing a final one to be laser cut as a prototype model.

This project brief is one that I have been looking forward to, as it possess all the aspects which I have been aiming to explore on this course so far- If successful, I plan on choosing 3D as my specialist pathway in order to further enhance my abilities within this specific artistic practice in order to help me to become an architecture student.


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