First Project Review Reflection (Fashion)

Next step: Combine drawing and photos to create 6 collages

on squared paper


——————————————————————————————————————What’s been done already: I have successfully taken an array of pictures which I’ve digitally edited and manipulated in order for them to be more fitting for my style of monochrome geometrics.

A selection of drawings have been done on a range of materials such as card, tracing paper and grid paper which I will scan and print in order for them to be mounted on my moodboards. From printing research on Japanese artists, I now have the materials to make a secondary research board which will include designer’s work as well as my own samples and interpretations of their work.

What needs to be finished: More observational drawings should be done of the architectural structures in order for them to be used for my collages

Overall, I am happy with the work that I have produced at this stage of the project however, am aware that a fast pace must be up kept in order for me to be able to achieve a high level of work produced at the end of the second week. When attempting to print my contact sheets and images that I have taken, I accidentally printed them in black and white which I was initially unhappy about as it meant I will have to reprint the pictures in colour to express how I have edited the saturation on them. This being said, by seeing all my photographs in this black and white style, I have become more aware of the angles and solid forms which are expressed, by eliminating the distraction of colour within the buildings. From doing this, I feel that I now have a heightened awareness of form and shape which will aid me to make my collages before putting them onto the models and creating concepts of garments.

What to do in the coming days: Assemble the mood board my scanning drawings, experimenting with media and compiling designers works (onto a second board)

-abstract photographers

-Instagram pages of existing artists

-Steven wiltshire study on blog w/sketches

-Collage artists and fashion illustrators


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