Second Architecture Review and Reflection (3D)

Notes on how to further the project:

  • Research client and pitching the idea to the curators of the manor house
  • Develop designs with limited text in order to convey all intentions of design through image and diagrammatical expression
  • Add measurements to ideas and note possible materials and the original intention for the organic forms

To include:

  • Key features of the organic form that I have chosen (sunflowers)

In reflection, I feel I am moving at a good pace with this project, despite the fact that I will not be able to laser cut my prototype in time for the end of the brief as their are limited facilities and numbers of people able to cut at any time. Although this slows down the process of actually bringing my design into fruition, I have now completed all of the background research and modelling/drawing in order to portray the design which I am intending. This has included: materials, sizes, locations and client specifications.

Additional aspects of the project which I still have to complete is research into existing architects who have designed similar sculptures and pavilions for areas or clients similar to those of the brief. This will help me in relating my project to work in industry and improve my understanding of a realistic way that my designs will come together.

I do, however, feel that I have done limited initial research into the organic form ,of a sunflower, that I chose to inspire my pavilion from. Due to this, I will go back in my design boards to ensure that the initial research into inspirations for design are of a good level to help my project’s completion.


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