Designing with paper- architecture project brief

For the brief of this new project, we have been told to create a series of designs for a library structure, using paper as the main form of construction. Once experimentation of these designs has been done, I must then chose one of my designs to take forward and fully expand onto a clear description of the finished design idea.

I will begin this project my testing the capabilities of modelling with paper and what I can do to manipulate the material in order to create dynamic figurative forms. In these photographs, I have shown preliminary sketches of 3D forms and experimentation with card and paper folding to construct creative structures and shapes.

Sketchbook drawing of 3D forms

Folding paper and using a scalpel to accurately cut: This has aided me in creating new structures with clean lines and dynamic shapes.For this model, I used hot glue instead of tape or folding in order to ensure the model had the strength that it needed to stay together. This is a model which I will next draw on tracing paper to have the ability to layer on top of other images and backgrounds.


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