E portfolio/using photoshop

Whilst applying to university courses, I have been making an e-portfolio through the use of the photography studio and Photoshop editing. I photographed all of my work with large lights to ensure all details were shown on the page before uploading the pictures the be edited. Having never used photoshop before, I have found it very interesting to learn all the different ways in which images can be changed and enhanced to present them in their best light.

I have found the compiling of an e-portfolio helpful in its making clear the style of work that I have been doing and which aspects of my work are the strongest. Depending on the request from the university, each portfolio differs slightly, meaning that I have to be aware of how each sheet works together in order to create an accurate representation of what I am intending to convey.

On photoshop, I have found that using the ‘curves’ tool has been most helpful in enhancing the exposure and clarity of my life drawing, in particular.


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