3D drawing project- What I am finding difficult

As I continue with this project- I am finding that the most difficult aspect is formatting the sketches on the page to create a coherent line of thought and design which flows across the page. As each sketch is done whilst it is still being worked out, the dimensions of the drawings are often not as I had predicted and overlap the surrounding drawings. T0 try to fix this, I have been doing construction lines with pencil in order to express where the shapes will be placed on the page.

Another difficulty which I have faced is thinking of new ideas for each drawing and how the shape can be further manipulated and presented. I feel that a way that I could help myself to do this would be to have a physical cube shape (made of paper) which I will then move and change in order to gain different perspectives on what can be done with it.

The inclination to skip ahead through the sketches quickly when a new ideas arises is prevented by ensuring that each sketch is done as a step by step instead of separate ideas which aren’t connected. My favourite aspect of the project is that it has no end point of what the designs should look like, with no final decision to be made. This has allowed me to be as creative and experimental as I can be, whilst understanding the different ways of presenting a 3 dimensional form.

My premonition with how I will move this project forward continues to be a lack of new ideas, however- I will fix this by taking inspiration from what I find most interesting, buildings. By doing this, I will be able to combine existing forms and structures with the endless possibility of manipulating the cube form.

I plan on creating more sketches with multiple shapes drawn in the same perspective.


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