3D drawing project- Finished sheets

Having now completed the project, by doing 3 development sheets of how I manipulate a cube shape through perspective drawing, I have learnt the accuracy which is required when drawing to scale. I have found that 3 point perspective drawing is easier than 2 point, as it creates a clearer view of the shape you are creating, making it easier to think of a new design to develop it into.

The technique of line weighting and giving depth to sketches is something that I have tried to put into my work through perspective drawings, as this gives a more realistic effect to the 3 dimensional sketches. If I were to continue to do these sketches on the project, I would focus more on thickness of lines and giving significance to the foreground and background in that way.

If I were to do this project again, I would seek to improve how I formatted the pages and where I placed each sketch. This would make the designs look more coherent as a stream of designs which relate to each other, instead of separate drawings.

What I feel I did best on this project was accurately doing the designs without using a ruler. This has trained me to not depend on the need to have exactly straight lines before focussing on the overall form of the shape I was creating. This helped me to be more creative with the possibilities of my designs as I was not restricted to the focus on exactly correct measurements-ensuring that the sketches remained experimental.


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