3D drawing project- Brief and starting point

For the new brief, we have been given the task of developing our three-dimensional and varying perspective drawing skills. I have chosen to use a cube as the starting point for my designs as I feel it is more applicable to the types of drawings that I will be doing on an architecture course- than beginning with spheres.

My aim is to increase my drawing skills in 2 point and 3 point perspective whilst gaining an understanding into line weighting and giving depth the sketches.

A part of the brief includes no allowance to use rulers, so I plan to do my sketches in pencil, to ensure accuracy, before darkening the lines with pen to give the shapes significance on the page. I think that the biggest struggle that I will face, on this brief, will be drawing correct proportions however, I aim to practice the skill until I begin to understand the visual communication of 3D shapes better.

The only materials that are allowed in the brief are pen and paper, so in order to work out how to present my sketches most effectively, I will experiment with the materials in my sketchbook before presenting them on the final developmental sheets. The intention of the project is to be creative with ideas of how to manipulate the given shape in various different ways. This will test my understanding of 2 and 3 dimentional figures and how i can present them visually. Furthermore, this will aid me in studying architecture next year and drawing buildings from an accurate perspective.

I am looking forward to developing this project further and increasing my understanding into perspective drawing and accurately portraying designs. 


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