Architect and designers- research and inspiration

After visiting the library in search of inspiration for styles of design and existing work, I found that the designs of Zaha Hadid were particularly impressive and fitting to the style which I am aiming to convey within my designs. Her use of geometric form and unconventional uses of space, which still provide an effective experience for its inhabitants, is a technique which I hope to show in my designs.

From the designs that I have already produced, I have found that expansive use of space has been more effective, as the project is based on the exterior of the building, with little interior focus. By designing the libraries with a spacious intent, the potential for a broad range of ways to fill it is allowed.

I researched other architects and designers who have used and manipulated paper in the early stages of their designing process in an effort to gain an understanding of technique and style. Possibly because they are in highly stylised books, I have found that significant details are put into the paper designs. This is something which I found surprising, as my approach has been more to use the paper forms as a starting point to then work from and finalise into a more finished and measured design. The general shapes, forms and sizes will lead me to further my designs.

At the current progression, I am happy with the pace that I am working at, but I am still aware of the lack of technical detail which I have added to my designs, with a limited expression of sizes and materials. As the project progresses, I aim to gain a more technical insight into the designs, giving the entirety of the project a more professional characteristic.


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