Designing with Paper- Development boards

I have found that using tracing paper to overlay images onto the photographs that I have taken allows for a more complex scene to be created. This transparency of the paper creates the opportunity to give scale to the buildings as they are being designed. The technique of hand drawing small figures onto the background of the layouts provides an understanding of the relationship between the user and the structure. A problem which I have faced whilst designing this board is ensuring that a comprehensive view of the designs and how they develop, is understood. A way in which I can work to avoid this happening, is to use arrows and collective box outlines to collate the individual designs.

In order to improve these boards, I aim to add colour to bring specific sections of the designs into the fore of focus- making it more naturally comprehensive. Using shadow has been a significant success in the recent designs, as it brings a realistic and three-dimensional aspects. I have also found that using fine liners will help my designs develop as lines can be exaggerated by giving them thickness and weight of line whilst still looking neat and aesthetically pleasing.

A style which I feel has not been successful on this page is the overuse of tracing paper- as it has given significant texture to the layers which look slightly unorganised. To do this differently, I could print designs directly onto tracing paper so neaten the overall aesthetic and add technical details if necessary.

In reflection, I have found that adding fewer images and less writing to boards creates a more focussed presentation which does not distract from the message and design which is being conveyed. Instead, all the images presented on the board relate to what is being discussed, increasing the success of the presentation by enabling simplicity.


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