Designing with Paper- What I would do differently

img_5113Overall, I am happy with the progress of the project due to the comprehensive nature of the design progression and final presentations. This being said, there are certain aspects of the designs which I feel could be done differently in order to improve the project and designs.

The first aspect which I could change, if I were to do the project again, is to make larger scaled models as this would have enabled me to add further details to the models, such as indoor features, or more fine tuned aspects. To do this, I would use a scalpel to cut out sections of the paper models to indicate where other features would be. Similarly, by making larger models, drawing from them would be made easier as they could be traced/drawn over to provide more space for detail and features of the building.

If more time and effort were put into the models, I think that an interior insight could be explored, as it is within the brief of the project to provide a floor plan for the finished design- something which would be done with more ease if an existing interior was made.

By using thin paper for the models, I found that a greater level of flexibility was accessible, rather than using thick card or cardboard. For the exploratory stage of the creation process, this was the most effective media choice. When moving on to choosing a final design, I chose to collaborate a number of different designs, meaning that I am yet to make a finished and fully developed model. By not fulfilling this section of the brief, my success on the project appears to be lacking in a decisive end. If I were to do this project again, I would aim to make more assertive decisions sooner on in the design development process, to enable me to complete the designs in the allotted time, so as to not fall behind on the next task.

When drawing small figures onto the designs, I was given the criticism that the heads of the figures were too large for the bodies, making them appear disproportionate¬†and unrealistic. If I were to redesign these sheets, I would use a traced version of the figures in order to have more uniformity within the designs- since the figures are nothing more than a minor addition to a design and shouldn’t be the main focus of the sheet.


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