Insect project-brief and initial thoughts

img_5606For this brief, we are given the option to design a range of different products, designs or applied designs- all based around the theme of ‘insects’. Whilst I am, initially, not inspired by this project as the title is not something that would have chosen myself, I am excited by the broad spectrum of designs that we have been given the opportunity to create.

As I am aiming to broaden my range of skills and express other techniques that I am capable of, I am planning to not do the architecture brief for this project and, instead, do a product design brief which allows me to hone in on more specific and technical details in order to product a product. This is something which I have not done on this course yet- as I have largely been focussing on my goal to develop my architectural drawing skills. Since I have had initial premonitions about this brief, I feel that taking a different approach to how I will design for it will aid my success.

Within this brief, we are also given the opportunity to do a screen printing and ceramics workshop, producing a physical product by the end. Whilst I have not started to design a product yet, I aim to have the ceramic product work in relation to the product I am designing, creating a small series by the end of the project.

I feel that I will need to be careful with time manageable for this brief as it goes over the half term (a time which I have saved for finishing off remaining work) and so, I must organise my time to prioritise the current project as well.

Another aim which I have for this brief is to broaden my experimentation with media, something which I think will be achievable as it is a slightly different style of designing than I have previously been doing.


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