Researching insects and design ideas

img_6347On this board, I have focused on dragonflies, specifically on their wings, as I am interested in the fragmentation of the semi-trasparent designs. I am happy with how the overall image of the board turned out, as a creative and collaborative aesthetic was created through using primary and secondary source images. I have chosen to mainly use fine liners, as they have a fine enough tip to gain detail whilst still being able to create designs quickly enough to keep up the pace of the project.

On the board, I have shown the use of colour samples, as I am still working out which colours will be appropriate for the product that I am designing. I have found that using tracing paper for this board has been effective for overlaying images and gaining the transparent look that the wings portrays.

If I were to redesign this board, I would do some smaller sketches which are more focussed and detailed, to show more definitive decisions that are being made for the prospective design. This is because I am designing a small scale product (a piece of furniture) which often has small, specific details.


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