Progression of product design board-how the designs could be improved

img_6346-1As this board develops, I am working to use Promarkers and fine liners to do more textural and developed designs. I am not completely happy with how the sketches have turned out as this is my first time using the design pens. On the next board, I will use a lighter hand and be more sparing with the shade in order to create a thicker effect to the materials.

As shown on the board, I have found inspiration from existing products and the anatomical characteristics of a dragonfly- such as the legs and details of the wings. I have chosen to make a product directly related to the insect’s shape, as opposed to doing an applied arts product which would use the design as a kind of separate entity from the product itself. Initially, I had the idea to do an applied arts product, such as a piece of ceramic with a hand designed decal however, after considering the design aspects of that, I felt that there was not enough technical design which would go into that. After changing my mind to design a practical product, I am now deciding which product would be most effective and useful.

As I continue with this board, I will use squares to connect all the designs and bring them into relation with each other. This will be helpful, as it will show my progression of thoughts and development of ideas.


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