FMP ideas

1) Food truck-as seen in the food market in Copenhagen. 

Look into energy efficient and the up cycling of materials. Portable cooking, storage and sizing down. Different designs and how each brand creates a style with the aesthetic and the priducts produced. 

Reference pictures taken in Copenhagen- focussing on scale and logistics of manufacture
2) redesigning crescent halls

Accessibility to the floor plans/ dimensions of the entire space

Talk to individual residents to see which aspects they feel should most significantly be redesigned. Consider focussing on the outdoor space instead of the interior- with a possible focus on one specific interior as a feature. 

Create a more student friendly, energy efficient and sociable living space. 

Consider materials and elements which have a lower cost, due to crescent being listed as one of the cheaper halls 

Research model making and redesigning of buildings- potentially whilst keeping the original basis of the building


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