Designing with paper- final design evaluation

Upon completion of the project, overal, I am happy with how my designs have progressed through the design process. 

I used a broad variety of design techniques, such as: model making, sketching, technical drawing and 3D digital rendering of designs. Through doing this, I feel I have learnt how designs develop and progress as different techniques are used- for example, doing 3D paper models has taught me to focus on scale and to be realistic (whilst still being creative) with my ideas. Similarly, the physical creating of the models has aided me in using existing structures as a starting point, to develop my designs from. 
If I were to do this project again, the main aspect that I would work to do more effectively and efficiently in my time management. Initially, I assumed that creating developed designs from paper models would not be significantly more challenging than just starting from sketches, however, I have found that, by exposing myself to more ideas and techniques, I have found it more difficult to be decisive with my designs. By doing this, I have slowed myself down and taken more time on the project than I had initially planned to spend. 

This being said, through the time that I have taken, I feel that I have produced a more professional looking project that I was producing earlier in the course. This is because I have learnt more techniques of structuring pages, laying out designs and conveying my ideas on a page. Although there are some elements of the designs which, in retrospect, I would correct- I am pleased with the finished sheets and feel that I now have an insight into the time which is needed to effectively develop ideas for a brief


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