Dragon’s Den Feedback

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 1.42.15 PM

After presenting my idea in the Dragon’s Den presentation. I received some helpful feedback which I will use to help me improve the development of my project. 2 students who have already been through this course were in the session, meaning that I was able to get a good selection of experienced feedback from students who have already successfully completed their FMP. Their ideas are ones which I will consider very closely as they already have an insight into how my project can be enhanced and improved.

The feedback that I received is:

  • Retain the focus onto the communal aspects and spaces
  • Consider a different angle of approaching the site
  • Reinvent the football pitch into large communal area
  • Restrict the overlap of staff & students by making them more distinct from each other
  • Look into council and height restrictions- Keep the design focussed on the same students (J Block)
  • Research model making and possible materials
  • Have 1 interior focus: kitchen, exterior connection of blocks
  • Remember: Some residents will not want to be involved with socialising and the social aspect of communal living
  • Consider making a social area which is weather suitable (inside and out)
  • Get floor plans from Crescent Halls

From this feedback, I will write my project proposal with consideration to how I can best take advantage of the time and materials that I have. Receiving this feedback has been helpful in giving me a different insight into how to best communicate my ideas in order to efficiently produce this project.


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