Researching the concept of socialising

As my project is largely focussed on the importance of socialising for a community and the intention to make communication more accessible for the clients (the residents of crescent halls), I plan to look into the concept of socialising, the importance of it and how it can be manipulated in different ways. By doing this, I will have a clearer understanding of what elements of my design process need to be focussed on socialising and its relevance. From the feedback session, I must also remember that socialising is not a priority for all the residents, so the option of a social space not being compulsory is something to consider.

As Crescent Halls is a university accommodation, all the residents are students who are in a constant mindset of productivity and working. Due to this specification, I have looked into socialising and productivity in existing buildings such as schools and universities, to understand how a space can be indirectly designed towards a educational perspective.img_6912

From this research- I have found out that there are a series of varying factors which should be considered when designing an efficient social space. The main factors being: option to/not to socialise, open space, organisation and accessibility. Within these specifications, particularly accessibility, I aim to acquire feedback from the residents of Crescent on their opinions towards the necessity to socialise. I will do this by writing a questionnaire


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