Reasons to keep research and designs broad (early stages)

img_6899After reading an article from the RIBA Journal (March 2017)- It was brought to my attention that heavily focussing on an end product, and idea, in the early stages of this project will be unproductive with recognition to an attempt to consider broader influences and context. By ensuring that I read around the topic of redesigning a building, such as looking into the affects of socialising, I am enabling myself to retain a broader outlook on the project.

I have began researching into the use of spaces for areas such as children’s learning facilities and open plan offices in order to understand how the manipulation of a space can work in an occupant’s favour. With this information, my awareness to the benefit of the occupant is heightened- therefore, aiding my future design processes by giving me a contextual understanding.

I feel that a risk within the preliminary research stage of the FMP will be seeking to do too much/include too many aspects, in my design- therefore hindering my progress by overextending the brief that I set for myself. In order to resolve this, I will carefully plan out each day, in order to maintain a focussed approach and prevent going off track from my specified plans.


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