Significance of sending a questionnaire (peer/client feedback)

Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 15.25.53.pngWhilst still waiting for a number of responses, I have found that sending a questionnaire, to the block of residents who live in the area of Crescent that I will be particularly focussing on, has already resulted in very helpful responses. Although the questionnaire was not exclusively self lead (as I wrote a number of ‘yes or no’ questions), I am also receiving some helpful comments from the sections which allowed for additional comments. From this input, I can ensure that my designs are specifically focussed on what the individual residents want, as well as combining this with technical details which are necessary for the design’s success.

Once I have acquired more responses from the questionnaire, I will create an A1 idea development sheet to express the data in a visual way, in order to explain the conclusions that I have reached in a way which works collaborativly with the design based nature of my project.

If i were to send another questionnaire/redo the current one- I would give more open ended questions which allow the residents to think creatively about improvements to crescent which I may have not considered. This being said, a problem that I have come across through this form of data collection is that some people have not taken the questions seriously, therefore, meaning their responses cannot be used for my decision making.


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