Redesigning the Crescent kitchen- Peer feedback conclusion

Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 15.47.01.pngWith consideration to the questionnaire which I sent to the client- I have reached the conclusion that a specific interior focus is necessary. This is because of the limited social spaces which are available within the building of Crescent. Whilst I am not inclined to focus too heavily on interior considerations, due to an intent to avoid redirecting the focus away from the exterior architectural design, I recognise that the project would seem partially unfinished if there were to be no consideration for the interior aspects.

A positive of not deciding to exclusively focus on the external design of the building- is that I can improve my ability in interior design, whilst still retaining a structural element (as a kitchen is not a highly furnished/decorated place).

I feel that a more effective manipulation of the existing kitchen space will be difficult, as the kitchen has existing set dimensions which I will have to creatively attempt to reinvent in order to make it more enjoyable for the users.



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