Crescent floor plans- Why they are helpful

In order to be successful in finding context to my project, I was able to acquire the floor plans for the plot that I will be designing on. Initially, I knew that these plans would be necessary in order to comprehend the full scale of the site, as well as obtaining an understanding into the surrounding area.


img_7236From these plans, I have found it particularly helpful to simplistically present the surrounding space- as I am considering altering the main access point to Crescent (Something which was suggested to me in the Dragon’s Den presentation feedback)

By having the visual clarity of a floor plan, I have found it very convenient for quickly considering different access points by removing the confusion of trees/surrounding buildings which affect one’s view. To move this forward, I plan on creating a design board which has tracing paper over the floor plans- showing different ways in which the space could be manipulated. This will be an affective way of presenting the ideas as they can be directly compared without the need for text or other visual explanation.


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