Research: quote from designer about unconventional staircase seating

Screen Shot 2017-05-21 at 16.04.57

“By using steps instead of traditional seats, the atmosphere becomes more informal,” 3XN creative director Kim Herforth Nielsen told Dezeen. “People use the [Plassen Cultural Centre] to meet and hang out on a daily basis just as much as they come there for live performances. By turning the building into an integrated part of the public square it becomes more than a building. It turns into a piece of land art, which adds an extra dimension to the place and generates life.”

Quote from the designers of the space.

This quote has helped my understanding of the importance of making a space informal and less intimidating to the users/inhabitants. The significance of turning a space into a piece of land art which directly promotes the surrounding community is something which I am actively trying to achieve in my FMP work, as I feel it highlights the importance of easily accessible social spaces.

I plan to show this influence in my work through extended research and retaining a consideration for the fact that many users will want to be in a social space, whilst some would prefer to avoid it- and how I can incorporate both opinions into one space.


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