Review of current progress- feedback:

In my tutorial this morning- I received helpful feedback and constructive advice into how to continue moving my project forward at a sufficient pace. Helen was happy with the pace of my project so far, with an awareness of the interconnecting links I have been trying to make between each design sheet. A point which was raised was: to ensure that photographs of the surrounding land (Temple Cowley, houses around Crescent, roads leading to/away from it) are taken to make clear that I have considered the broader context of the space.

Whilst my intention of the design has not been to make the build fit in with the surrounding architecture, a consideration for minor visual details such: as local greenery or reoccurring colour palettes will be a helpful aid when considering cladding or digitally rendering the existing buildings. img_7234On this design sheet, where I have explored different areas shown on the floor plans, Helen pointed out that an explanation of what is specifically being portrayed on each sheet, so as to not lose the clarity of visual portrayal through the busyness of the page.

A suggestion that she gave, that I will not incorporate into the previous sheets and future sheets, is to add a small printed text box with a summary of what problem/aspect the design sheets are solving/focussing on. Through doing this, my design development will retain clarity and prevent confusing the comprehension of the sheet, through definitive text which will provide an explanation.


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