Existing product research: Vienna Museum Quartier seating

This outdoor seating, designed by Enzi and Enzo is a product which I would like to further explore through design sheets and modelling- due to its evident ability to be used in a variety of different ways.

During a peer discussion, it was suggested to me to do more studies of existing products and areas before deciding upon a design for my own project. By looking at this form of seating- I am now inspired to further research the different uses that one can get out of a general template for social seating- which can then be altered by the user.

I plan to continue my research by making models and CAD drawings to experiment with different forms and shapes of structures in order to produce the most effective design for my project. Having already researched the psychology behind socialising and the manipulation of spaces- I feel that I now have an insight into what shapes and sizes work effectively within a site in order to attract a user to socialise, without forcing socialising as a necessity.

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 15.20.53

Here, I used Google sketch up to do a quick sketch of a model of the seating. This helped me to understand the dimensions and possible scales of the seating. For my own project- I would like to design some form of seating which can accommodate more than one person on each module of the seat- so as to promote the suggestion of socialising. I will do this by working on different scales and proportions to see how an existing design can be edited to accommodate for more people.


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