Solving a problem: Wasted time printing

When recently making a design development sheet, I became aware that a lot of my time was being spent on printing off CAD drawings and research pictures- instead of sketching and putting the sheet together. This is a problem that I solved by planning out multiple sheets at once and printing off pictures respectively of the plan. By doing this, I have cut out the time spent on each individual printing job by combining multiple sheet ideas into one document. Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 16.25.07.pngAdditionally to reducing time spent printing, this technique has aided me in sticking to my plan more effectively, as I then already have existing images to work from.

As I have started to do annotations on each sheet, I am also finding that less time is being spent hand writing each note. Similarly to this, my sheets are now more professional looking and aesthetically pleasing- something which was suggested to me in order to keep a uniform style to my design sheets.

In reflection, I have found that planning each sheet and its contents means that I work more efficiently, something which I must do in order to keep up a sufficient pace to finish the project.


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