Prototype modelling- experiments and what I will do differently 

I chose to use cardboard as it is easily accessible as a material and so, if I decide to change my design- it will not be a waste.  I numbered each piece in order to reference it  incase I wanted to recreate the designs- the scale could be altered but the proportions would remain correct with these models- I was experimenting with scale and proportions of the seat. This helped me to decide which size would be best, with a particular consideration to anthropometric data. I made multiple pieces of each section so that gluing them together would be able to be done most productively. Here, the modular pieces that I made are being shown as a collection. Presenting the fact that the designs can be put together in different ways in order to accommodate a number of different users. i have found that making models using cardboard and hot glue has been very helpful in aiding my understanding of final forms of the areas that I am designing. The hot glue dried quickly enough for the models to be handled and manipulated without spending too much time waiting. For the finished product I would like to use coloured acrylic to make models of the seats at the material that I would use, if they were to be built, would be a hard, brightly coloured plastic. 


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