Group critique- Comments and feedback

Today, in the peer critic, after presenting my work- the other were given a chance to give me feedback which has already been very helpful in my continuing to move my project forward. 

A helpful suggestion that was given to me is to ensure that I am considering possible materials for each design as I do it. So as to not miss this step out within the design process. Other comments about my uniformity of presentation and neat annotations were made- which another student had suggested that I do last week. 

Helen commented on one of my sketches which had been drawn in a hurried way- bringing light to my lack of awareness of perspective which lowered the quality of the drawing. This is something that I will now have more of a focus on to ensure that my design sheets remain a high a high quality.

In reflection, I found the group critique very helpful as I was able to see everyone else’s work and the progress that they were making- resulting in my gaining ideas from their work and motivating me to continue. 


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