Kitchen redesigning- how CAD has helped the pace of my designs 

As I am designing a number of different aspects of crescent, the project has the potential to require a lot to drawing and planning for each section. I found this when beginning to plot out the placement for areas which would be changed and quickly found that using CAD, such as sketchup, sped up the design process significantly. With these images of one of the spaces that I am currently developing- a hand drawing would have taken a long time, having to map out the placement of walls and doors. Whereas, by doing it on sketchup I could quickly block out the relevant areas with modular drawings- without compromising too much time. By using sketchup to sketch the early design stages of the balcony- I can then add detail through hand drawings and using tracing paper to show alternative designs.

In reflection, in order to work through the mass of drawings and considerations that I must make with this project- using computer softwares which heighten the pace at which I can work effectively has proven very helpful. 


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