Review with Helen

In my review with Helen today, she noticed that I had sketched a drawing on my balcony development sheet with incorrect perspective. Luckily this was drawn with pencil so could be fixed without affecting the overall appearance of the board. Helen helped me to correct the drawing by using 2 point perspective.  I found this difficult to do as the balcony is offset from the block that it’s intended to be built onto. If I were to do the sketch again or improve it on another sheet, I would first do a mock up on Google sketchup to get a better perspective. I have found that throughout this project- using CAD has impacted my designs to make them significantly more accurate. 

For the pavilion section of my outdoor courtyard seating- in order to understand possible shape better, Helen suggested that I : cut a number of pieces of cardboard and rearrange them- then photograph and render. 

After ordering my materials- I will now look at contemporary architecture models and how different artists and designers have used a minimalistic style to convey their image. It is important to look at existing work as it gives an indication towards what has been successful or, alternatively, what would not be suitable for my design ideas. 


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