Student feedback questionnaire

Upon early planning of my project I knew that sending out a questionnaire to my clients (the residents of crescent halls) would be very helpful. When making the questionnaire I was careful to add a mixture of closed questions, to get definitive answers (e.g: yes, no) but also to add open ended questions where clients could give their feedback. These have been particularly helpful to me as I now have a greater insight into what aspects each individual would change/keep the same and why. 

A problem that I faced with the questionnaire was ensuring that people responded to it. This was helped my a tutor sending out the questionnaire and asking the clients to respond- giving it more weight of importance. 

Another problem which I have had to overcome has been the client’s responding, in the comment section of the questionnaire, with inappropriate answers which do not help the productivity of my project. I have worked past this issue by covering over certain comments when making a development sheet of the questionnaire. 

In reflection, once the initial problems of inappropriate answers and a difficultly to comment with clients had been overcome- the client feedback has been as helpful as I had hoped, giving me an additional opinion to work with. 


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