Drawing on development boards


Due to the nature of my projects and the designs which follow it- the sketches and pictures are largely digitally based. This has meant that I haven’t let myself do as much freehand/creative drawing as I would like to. The technical sketches which I have, that organise my designs, are more accurately drawn- although this makes them less expressive and able to be altered.

My plans, as I continue to move the project forward, is to use tracing paper over existing images that I have printed out, in order to combine my sketches with the secondary source images on one board. This is something that I did in the early stages of the course for, design development, and it proved very helpful in giving a professional aesthetic quality to my boards by putting my designs in context. With the photographs that I have taken of Crescent and the space surrounding it, I can now trace over the pictures and use photoshop editing to manipulate the images to fit my designs. I feel that my photoshop skills are significantly better than they were at the start of the course-  from attending Claire’s photoshop workshops and making E portfolios for university interviews.



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