Booking with technicians and ordering materials 

Today I organised with the technician to laser cut my final design models next week. This will allow me enough time to finalise my designs and clarify the techniques and processes that I will need in order to get to that point. I learnt that the laser cutter can cut up to 5mm thick which will be helpful when designing the thickeners and tread on my staircase design. Planning ahead, I think that ordering 3mm materials will be more suitable for my design as it will be: more cost effective, lighter weight and less bulky, and more suitable for the transparent material that I am planning to use. 

I found that going to book an appointment with the technician was helpful as it gave me a clear deadline to work to, as well as giving me an understanding into how my models will technically come together. This is important when making final design sheets as a clear image of the finished product helps the continuity of the project’s progression. 

I feel that I am managing the timings of the technical elements of my project well- having made prototypical models as I progress through the design process however, an earlier decision into final design forms would have lessened my current workload. This is something which I will now work to keep on top of by making more assertive decisions with the cladding of my building and the final material choices. 

Before ordering my materials- I met with Helen to confirm that all my choices of materials and thicknesses would be appropriate for my model making. I have chosen to design a contemporary, minimalist model which shows the physical shapes of the form in a ‘blank canvas’ sort of way. This means that there is less of a consideration on material properties, for the model making side of the project, lessening my need to focus on that aesthetic element. 

In reflection, the decision to follow a contemporary style of my model making will be more forgiving on the overall appearance of my final show. I am making steady progress with the finalising of designs section of my project but cannot slow the pace as all designs must be finished by the time of the arrival of my materials. 


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