Primary source photography and product design considerations

Today I ordered all my materials for laser cutting and emailed the company to confirm that it will be shipped in time. This is important to know to ensure that my timeplan for the coming week (the final week) works smoothly to line up with my design productivity. 

Upon Helen’s suggestion, I took pictures of the surrounding area of crescent (e.g other buildings and points of access) in order to give my design sheets a contextual consideration. This was helpful for my final presentation work as it shows that I have looked at the greater context surrounding the location of my site- not just designing as if the site is a stand alone entity. 

Whilst going through my existing work I discovered that I had not fully explained how the outdoor seating would functionally and technically work. This afternoon I have been focussing on the technical product design elements of my project to solidify by designs for the seating- focussing particularly on meausurememts and materials. 

With these preliminary sketches- I now plan to do a finished design sheet with accurately drawn pictures for each section of the seat. Although this is time consuming in consideration to the limited time I have left for the project- by doing a detailed sheet on the seating, my final model will be able to be more figurative and less accurate. 


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