Balcony design- Peer feedback

Peer feedback:


  • Good communal space
  • smoking area
  • Storage facilities
  • Aesthetically pleasing banister details


  • Plain
  • Could have more details
  • Very linear
  • Is it big enough? Could have more seating/cushions

I found the negative feedback particularly helpful this early on in my design process, as it means I still have time and the opportunity to improve my designs. The comment about the linear nature is something I would like to work on- focussing on adding details of finishes and minor adjustments.

This is something which I aim to do my rendering the design using photoshop and google sketch up in order to create a realistic image. Whilst using these programmes, if I were to  render the entire image, including the existing building- it would create a more photorealistic scene. In the modelling section of the project, I will use a more contemporary style of forming my models as this will allow for technical details to be shown on design sheets- whilst the model remains minimalistic.

From using cardboard as the first material for my prototypical modelling, I discovered that the use of hot glue lessens the accuracy of the joints on the model. When creating the real model, I will use a precision tip with superglue/solvent glue which will result in cleaner joints and an overall more professional looking style.


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