Using photoshop for rendering idea generation

During a tutor feedback, I was reminded that rendering a different cladding onto the main crescent building is important, in order to fulfil my project proposal specification- in order to do this, I went to one of my peer, who is very knowledgable in photoshop, and had him show me the most effective way of adding cladding onto a building. With this basic knowledge of how one should go about doing it, I worked out a number of different techniques to add a more realistic edge to the images. For example, using the burn tool to add ‘shadows’ and holding down command whilst adjusting edges to give a more realistic perspective.

Before printing these images, or finalising a design, I plan to show them to Helen, in order to confirm that they are of a high enough quality for the level of work I am aiming to present.

My project proposal stated that I should make the entire space of Crescent Halls a more pleasing space for both aesthetic appeal and socialising benefits- and I feel that by designing a re-cladding of the building, the aesthetic aspect is being considered.

In reflection, whilst I initially found Photoshop a difficult programme to use, due to the sheer depth of editing that can be done with it- I have discovered certain techniques which enable my changing of the current space to be done more effectively than manual drawing techniques.


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