Balcony design and potential rendering ideas 

For the balcony design, as I have been slightly more pressed for time, I decided to note down each measurement for each section of the design as I went along- instead of doing a concept of the balcony and then deciphering measurements from it. 

Here, I have been adding thickness of material to the design in order to understand how the final model will be put together. By designing it this way, it has meant that I will be able to draw the design onto illustrator faster as I will already have the measurements written down, ready.

After doing this, I plan to print the outlines of the drawings onto tracing paper or acetate before mounting them onto sheets. I will do this because it will give a context to the design by putting it in situ- whilst still showing the existing space behind it. 

The plants on this building have inspired me to consider different forms of rendering for my final images- a more lively aesthetic to the building, such as adding greenery would make it more vibrant, therefore fulfilling the client’s requests more closely. I plan to add this rendering using a mixture of google sketch up and photoshop in order to get the look I am aiming for- for final design sheets.


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