Designing the models- technical workings 

For each of my models- I have worked out the exact measurements (in mm) for them to be laser cut. I chose to do this through CAD drawing as I found it easier to visualise the design and work out the proportions from that- instead of calculating the sizes independently from a drawing. Calculating the size of the small piece of Perspex to seperate each layer of the pavilion^measuring the sizes for each layer of the pavilion 

Instructions on how to construct the pavilion- in order for it to balance understanding the scale for the floor plan construction By planning out each sheet that I will be laser cutting within a mm of accuracy — I have found that creating the models from my drawings, for reference, has made it a lot easier. 

If I were to do this process differently- I would have done the working out directly into a table (probably digitally) as I find it easier to work from clear, concise instructions, rather than a series of notes in a sketchbook 


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